One of the most important things that you need to do is contribute to your wartune guild. Many players miss out on the opportunities that the guild has to offer because they focus on spending gold on other things such as capturing astrals. While the astral system in wartune does help you, it is only one small part of character building.

Your most important part of character building comes from your guild's shop and tower skills. The shop will help you with potions, luck stones, and other items to help you along your journey in wartune. The skill tower however is by far the most powerful resource you can utilize. By contributing to your guild you can obtain powerful boost in the form of Intelligence, Strength, Defense, Endurance, and Gold Production. There is a chrisma boost but personally I would not waste my contributions on it.

The tower skills will dramatically increase your character stats, the more your contribute and the higher skill levels you obtain the more powerful your character will become. So while astrals and gems are important, do not leave out the most important - guild contributions. You should have your goal set to contribute between 500k and 1 million in gold every day you play.

Besides the benefits of character building you can also use your contributions for the guilds altar wheel.. The altar can give you some very powerful items such as socketing rods.

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