3 times a day you get to fight in a world boss fight. There are 3 different bosses but fighting them are all pretty much the same when it comes to strategy. Since the update patch 1.46 getting a 1% on the world boss seems to be hard even for high level characters. Some of this would be due to the new wings item and the new bonus available during the world boss fights.

If you really want to rake in the gold and daru it is a good idea to use the vouchers bonus. The vouchers (which cost you nothing) can be obtained from your tree of ancients every day, from the guild altar, and from campaigns. It is really not that hard to get 400 or more vouchers a day.

If you use 200 vouchers for the bonus during the world boss fight you will at least double the gold and daru you would normally get. This will also help you in getting that 1% which does give you an extra bonus of 50k daru and 50k gold. Since using the 200 vouchers during the world boss fights in wartune I have gotten between 350k wartune gold and daru to 480k wartune gold and daru.

This not only helps get your troops leveled up faster but it also helps you in reaching your guild contributions or even enchantments faster. If you fight in all 3 wartune world boss fights then you are looking at getting and easy extra 400k in gold and daru every day. Assuming your average is only 200k per boss fight, that still is 1,000 gold and 1,000 daru for 1 voucher.

In essence you are exchanging vouchers for gold and daru at an "excellent" rate.

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