Building a business online take work, time, effort and yes it also cost money no matter what anybody promises you. I'm not talking about joining some network marketing company and going to facebook to build up a team. I'm talking about building a real online business that you have full control over and a business that will make you money month after month and year after year. While many push no recruiting and no working - just sleep at night and the money will magically fall into your paypal account - Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes planning to build an online business and that requires work and effort on your part. No matter what you decide to do building a business online will cost you money - You need to pay for hosting, domain names, payment processing fees, marketing, website development and etc.

This does not mean you will need to sink every cent you have into building that business but the fact is if you want to create a long term business online you will need to invest in that business. You can reduce cost by being smart and purchasing services as a combined package instead of hosting here and then paying for marketing there and then paying for website design through another place. These fees can add up quick and even if your business is making the money to cover all those extra fees does not mean it is what's best for your business. Recently I helped one client take his monthly expenditures from $150 a month to $75.00 and the client is getting far more for their money.

How was this accomplished ? Simple! taking and combining services into one package allows the client to have 1 monthly bill now. This particular client was paying for 3 different host, aweber, and some other websites for marketing purposes. I took this client and set them up on my dedicated server then installed squeezemail, offered them training and marketing classes and even included in some website design. This allowed the client to cut their monthly bill in half because squeeze mail is a one time payment vs paying aweber a monthly fee and I have the ability to offer hosting and marketing services at a cheaper rate.

It does not stop here though because the client will see increased revenue now because they are on a dedicated server and they are getting proper and proven marketing help. Ask yourself this: What are you doing to maximize the potential of your business ? Are you wasting money on aweber when you have maybe a few thousand subscribers ? Are you wasting money by paying for several different host which all share server resources anyways ? You see that extra money that you may be wasting could go into helping grow your online business through marketing strategies.

Building an online business does take work but you also should be smart about it

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