Rss feeds are used on a very wide range of sites but some still do not understand what an Rss feed really is. In this post I will give a simple explanation of Rss Feeds. Think about all the information you access on the web on a daily basis; daily news, news headlines, search results, compare motel rates, and so forth.

To make it easy you can think of this information as list, such as a list of contacts you would have in a rolodex. This would be the simplest way to grasp what Rss feeds are. As a more advanced description these feeds are in an XML-based format that allows the syndication of the information contained in the Rss Feed. This information can be a list of links along with other text information, meta data, images and even videos.

You can find many of your social profiles, blogs, bookmarking sites, and other sites you have a profile with actually contains an rss feed of all the post you have made on those sites. There are many uses for Rss Feeds, some sites actually use them to syndicate news while other sites may use them to syndicate articles.