All members are allowed to have their own blog and have customizations for the blog. You can start your own blog on any subject you wish as long as it is family friendly and does not violate any laws. You can create a personal blog and let others know about you or what you do. You could also create a business blog that would be centered around the business you are in.

There are some simple rules that must be followed though, not following these rules will cause your blog to be deleted and possibly your account to be banned. Help keep this community spam free and follow these rules.

* No affiliate links are allowed to be posted on your blog, the only exception is if your affiliate link is for Marketers Domination.

* No adult post or foul mouth postings will be tolerated. This is a marketing forum and not your local bar, if you prefer adult stuff or have a foul mouth then you are free to join some other forum.

* Only 2 links are allowed per blog post and both links must link to your own site. Do not link to any content farm filled with adsense ads such as ezine articles article directory, your post will be deleted.

If you want to see the real benefits of the blogs then post high quality content that is seo'd and user friendly both. Add a few bookmarks on your post that you make, this will help you blog get noticed and thus help spread link juice to your sites you are linking to.

Blatant Spam Just For Backlinks Will NOT be Tolerated! This is a marketing forum, learn how to use a marketing forum to benefit you instead of dropping links. Dropping links will NOT help you here.

If you have any questions about the blog please post them below.