There has been much said on the subject of do follow and no follow links. This post is being done to hopefully finally educate a few people and once again debunk another internet marketing myth. If you have been led to believe that do follow links are the only thing that matters then you need to read this post and start re-thinking your marketing strategy.

The fact is no follow and do follow means nothing when it comes to marketing your website. I know you are probably saying to yourself "that is BS because such and such which is a guru said no follow passes on no link juice or credit". Well guess what ? Your so called guru is dead wrong!

The no follow tag was created for the purpose of telling the search engines that a link is an advert or affiliate link. Somewhere along the lines some internet marketing guru got the idea to spread the myth that no-follow means the spiders will not follow the link or give any credit. This myth was started to sell some crappy product or service.

Just like the duplicate content penalty myth, this myth went viral and many still to this day actually believe that you should not post on any nofollow websites. Some think that it will actually hurt your rankings if you do post on a no-follow website.

Let's get to the cold hard facts

Google is the only search engine (that I know of) that even pays any attention to the nofollow tag. This does not mean they do not follow the links or they do not give credit to the links. What it means is Google uses the no follow when determining the rankings of websites.

Google still gives credit to these links and yes link juice is passed on. The weight that Google gives these nofollow links is the only thing that is in question. Nobody but Google itself can tell you how much weight they put on these links.

Personally myself I would rather have a mixture of no follow links and do follow links but I am not going to waste my time scouting out sites for these tags. If I see a blog post that interest me and I can add value to the discussion then I will post on it regardless if it is do follow or no follow.

Consider this for a moment, do you honestly think that Google looks at your link building being natural if all you have is do follow links ? Have you considered that Google actually uses this myth to their advantage by flagging websites that only have do follow links built ?

You need to start to re-think your internet marketing strategy and stop wasting your time with lame firefox plugins that search a site for dollow links. You need to implement a marketing strategy that is going to look natural to the search engines.

If you think this is BS and you still want to believe this no follow myth then ask yourself this question: If you was looking for followers on twitter and you visited a profile that had 20000 followers and 10 following, would you honestly consider following this person ? I think you browse away and look for others that actually follow back.

Well guess what ? Google is no different than you, when they see you have 20000 do follow links and 10 no follow then they know you may be trying to manipulate the search engine for rankings. They flag your website and investigate it with a real live human and adjust your rankings as needed.

If that does not get your attention then maybe this will. Go do some posting on no follow websites and then go into your Google webmaster tools and you will see where Google does in fact count the links. You will also notice a increase in rankings if you post on enough sites with "real" quality information.

Stop following internet marketing myths and go do your own testing, this is part of marketing your business. If you still insist on following those so called self proclaimed experts then there is only one thing left to say "Your Competition Thanks You".

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