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Thread: Creating An Information Product Tutorial

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    Creating An Information Product Tutorial

    I am going to create an information product from scratch and I decided to post here the steps that I take to create this product. This way some will be able to learn how easy it really is to create your own product. This particular product will not be sold but be given away, you will still follow the same steps pretty much for a sold product.

    To start with I am going to take an idea and then write about that idea. I am not going to release the name or idea I have chosen just yet though. This may take a few days for me to write up as obviously I have many other things to do while I create this product.

    Your first step would be actually doing research to see if you are going to create a product that people want. You can do this research by checking the latest trends, latest news stories, popular forum threads, and etc. Just visit your favorite news site or forum for your niche to see what is being talked about.

    There are several websites that have the latest trends posted that you can check. Google has their own trends which you can check by going to Google Trends. Once you have done your research then you can begin to start to create your product. Since I already know my market I do not need to do any research because I know article marketing is already popular and talked about.

    My product will be based around article marketing but will not have anything to do with how you hear article marketing should be done (create article --> spin with junk software --> submit to 1,000's of content farms --> wait for all the sales to roll in). Instead this product will focus on real article marketing and how to best get the results you desire.

    So after research the next step is to write up the information product. To do this I will use simple text (note pad for windows users). After it is written and checked and tweaked and edited, then I will follow up to the next step which will be in my next post on this thread when I get to the next step.

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    The information product has been written, all 2800+ words. So the next step is to clean it up, correct any grammar or mistakes. So I send it on over to an excellent writer to do just that, I send it to Terra who has awesome writing abilities and instruct her to correct any mistakes in the writing.

    I have already done this and got my text file back with the corrections that was needed. Next in creating a information product is to take the written draft and create a PDF. Along with this process I will need to create my logo and any graphics I want to include in the PDF.

    You can use many different programs to create PDF's (search I personally prefer to use pages which is an iWork program for mac computers.

    If you are not very good with graphics you can always hire a talented graphics design service to help you in the creation of your images and logo.

    This step may take a day or 2 because I am kinda picky on my graphics and I want to create just the right ones. Once the PDF is finished and created then I will follow on to the next step which I will post about when I get finished the the PDF creation.

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    Alright well this went quicker than what I thought, the ebook is finished. So now that I have written up the contents, tweaked them, sent it over to Terra for proof, and created the actual ebook; now it is time to create the website.

    Since I am doing an opt-in for this ebook and giving it away I will be creating an opt-in page. If you are creating a information product to sell you would follow the same steps here, your website would just be geared towards selling instead of collecting emails.

    So I am off now to create my opt-in site which will collect emails and add them to my database so I can email my list that I build. In this step you may need to hire someone to help create your opt-in page, it depends on how you are collecting emails and what system you are using to mass mail them.

    In this case I already have a mass mailer and database setup that I already use so I will just need to plug this site into my own system that I already have.

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    I have now finished creating my opt-in website and connected the opt-in form to my database for mailing my list. This part of the information product creation may be different depending upon if you are giving your product away for free or selling it.

    If you are selling it obviously you would create a sales page (still nothing wrong with an opt-in form on a sales page). You would also be linking to your payment processor which would connect to a thank you page. On your thank you page you want to make sure to give directions on how the user may obtain their product.

    Delivery of your product can be done in several ways so keep in mind when you are creating your site that you will want to specify delivery method on your sales page as well as on the thank you page.

    So we just ran through a simple and basic tutorial on how to create your own information product. This process is not difficult at all, you just need to make sure you set aside the time to get your information product researched and created without distractions.

    It has taken me approx 2 days to create the product and get a site up for it. Depending upon your information product you want to create it could take several days to several weeks. Always remember if you get stuck on something you could always post on the forum and ask questions.

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