Creating information products is one of the easiest things to do in internet marketing. Some may get the ideas that creating your own product is very difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth. Creating your own product is actually the easy part.

Look at it like this, you go to a forum and contribute making 2 detailed post every single day for 2 weeks. Then you should have no problem creating a PDF based on the same detailed information you posted on a forum. It really is that simple.

Yes you do need to do market research and yes you do need to do testing but this is why many marketers will tell you to go after something you have a passion for. Since you have a passion for a certain subject then you should know more about that subject and it will make your research and content writing a great deal easier.

I have talked to enough people online to know that some are scared they may release a shoddy or inferior information product or a line of products that will not meet up to quality standards. This is something that you must get over because stepping out of your comfort zone is what most marketers must do to succeed in business.

The conception or initiation of your own product is really basic. If you know your niche well enough to market a product on an affiliate basis then you certainly can create your own product or even line of products to sell to consumers yourself instead of pushing an affiliate product.

We all have artistic creation to a certain degree and if you apply the knowledge you have about your niche then the product creation process should not be that hard.

The basic formula on creating your own product

Open note pad and start writing about your niche, write about tips, secrets, or even case studies. Once done then read it and correct any grammar or formatting that needs corrected.

Open a PDF Creator and add your text along with any images or styles you want to use. Add any copyright information or disclaimers that may need added and include a product or service for an upsell at the bottom.

Open any graphics editor and create a ebook cover, you may want to hire someone for this if you are not good at making graphics.

You now have a information product that is ready to sell. This only takes a few days to maybe 2 weeks depending upon how artistic your product is. This is known as the conception of your product. There is far more involved such as keyword research and the innovation of the product you are going to create but the basics above will help get you on the right track.