Below I am going to focus on the anatomy of a written article so you understand what really should go into an article when you are writing it or have it written by others. I know there are many that will write articles for $3 - $5 and unless you know the person is an accomplished writer then you are going to get what you pay for.

You can find proven and excellent article writers on this very forum that know how to produce high quality content that is created for search engines and readers alike.

So let's get started on how an article should be written, below you will see an article and then we will discuss that article. I want to make sure you understand why articles should be written a certain way for maximum benefits to you as an author.

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Summary - Your summary should be around 250 Characters and should include a few of your keywords. These keywords can be main keywords or sub keywords which are related to the main.
Article writing is more than just adding some words together to form a sentence. Article marketing requires the use of related keywords and high quality content. Article distribution services will give limited results with poorly written articles.

Article - The article itself should include a title no more than 70 characters with no special characters. The article should contain 6 - 8 paragraphs with each paragraph being 2 - 3 sentences long. Each sentence should be written with approx 13 - 20 words or less.
Article Writing And Submission Service

Article writing takes a little more skill than just putting some words together to form a sentence. Especially if you are wanting to make money with article marketing. You must be able to write articles with clarity and proper grammar along with related keywords.

This is an important part that many internet marketers seem to leave out of the equation. If your articles are written like a 3rd grader and do not make sense, then how do you expect to earn money from your written content ? Honestly put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself - "would I buy after reading this article".

If you answered no then you obviously need to stop using article writing software or learn how to effectively create content. Maybe you even want to consider a better article writing service that can provide high quality content.

You could be one of those marketers that was convinced to use article submitter software to submit your articles to 100's of article directories. It is imperative to your marketing that you understand low level written content along with some mass article submission software will not bring you the results you are looking for.

It has been proven with the panda update that search engines such as google does devalue not only poorly written content but they also devalue the backlinks on these article directories that are considered content farms. Don't take my word for this because you can listen to Matt Cutts from google on video discussing this.

Who are you really going to believe, some marketer that wants to sell you ineffective software or google itself ? The choice is yours but if you want to do effective article marketing then it is time to change the way you have been doing your marketing.

If you want an article marketing campaign that actually gives you results then you need to apply a article marketing plan that is going to be effective. Start applying article marketing strategies that have been proven to show amazing results. Use a article distribution services that has article marketing tools that are built to help you see results.

Stop wondering how to do article marketing and start using the marketing tools that help you with niche keyword research, competition research, article grading, article submission to private ad free networks, and more. Start using a proven system that allows you to do all your article marketing from one website with one login.

Resource Box - Your resource box should flow nicely from your article as if it was an extension of the article itself.
Discover how to do article marketing with the proper article marketing software to get ahead of your competition. Internet marketing requires constant website promotions applying the proper article writing and submission service could mean the difference between success and failure.

Keywords - You should be using approx 10 - 15 keywords along with your article. This is especially important if you are posting 10 articles based upon the same subject.
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