Article marketing done the proper way is very effective in helping increase your website traffic and your search engine rankings. You do not have to stop there with your content though, you can continue with your article to get more juice out of it. One effective way to do this is by turning your articles in PDF's and submitting those PDF's to document sharing websites.

Instead of doing the copy and paste thing to create a bland PDF, you really should take the time to create a PDF that reflects upon your article / content. Creating a visually well crafted PDF may take additional time to do but it also will get a better response on clicks and reads. Keep in mind that your PDF is not there to sell anyone. Your PDF's (just like your articles) should be created to inform the user reading it.

Once you have informed readers then they will follow through by clicking on your links for additional information. It is at this point where you want to turn the informed user into a buyer.

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