A huge mistake many make is not taking into consideration all of their content. It is imperative that you understand all your articles content is important and not just the body.

The Written Summaries Of Your Content

The summary of your content must be written to match your article but not be a copy and paste of your first paragraph. When syndicating your content, your summary is used by many spiders to index your content. This is why it is important to have a different summary.

There are several benefits to having a unique summary for each of your articles. If your content summary is posted on other sites and links to your main article, no reader wants to read the same content twice. Another benefit is it helps search engines see your content as being higher quality.

The reason being is that you took the time to write unique and fresh content. This gives your article more authority and especially when you take the opportunity to include a few extra keywords related to your main article keywords.

The summary length differs from website to website but as a general rule you should create before hand around 400 characters for your summary of each article you write.

Creating Useful Article Titles

There are probably 1,000 marketing books that tell you to catch the readers attention by using symbols and special characters in your title. Nothing could be further from the correct way to write titles. Your titles should be geared towards the reader and search engines both.

If you are using these special characters and symbols then you are actually hurting yourself with both reader and search engines. When a interested reader looks at your title and it looks as if a 4th grader created it, then do you honestly think they are going to click on it and read your article ?

The same with search engines because a fact is search engine spider are looking for high quality content. These spiders will bypass your titles and devalue the content due to the lack of writing ability. This takes away your authority in other words.

You should not be submitting to content farms but to professional websites that are designed to help you in your marketing. Come across as a professional and use strict text only in your titles with no symbols or special characters (this includes question marks).

The Clicks And Your Resource Section

As mentioned on Formatting Your Content And Articles Step 1 readers will click the middle to the end links in your articles or content. Thus it is imperative that you continue with your quality content and not drop the ball.

Your resource box should be formatted properly just as your article and summary is. Some may tell you to use a click here link but personally in my opinion that is real bad advice. You are making your reader feel dumb for one thing and that is the last thing you should be doing.

Another reason is the click here link gives you no backlink or link juice at all. Again you should format your content for readers and search engines alike. Do not shoot yourself in the foot at the very end of your content.

The authors resource box is the end of your article and for this reason your article or content should flow directly into the resource section. This is to say that when a reader is going over your article or content then they should not feel that the body is the end.

You reader should get the feeling that the end of the resource box is the actual end of that content. You can easily add in a call to action and still have your article flow nicely into the resource box. Doing this will help increase those clicks.

Your resource box should include 2 anchor text links with additional keywords that you may or may not be using in the body of the article or content itself.

Follow these simple steps and optimize your content from the very beginning to the very end and your content will give your results.

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