Social bookmarking is pretty much as the name suggest, you take a page that you like and you add it to your bookmarking accounts that you have at the various bookmarking websites. These social media sites range in size and functionality, some sites may have social interaction functions while others do not.

It is best to keep in mind that these bookmarking sites are created not to be your spamming stomping grounds but to help you share sites that interest you with others that share the same interest. This could be your own sites, a friends site, or even a clients sites that you wish to share.

While everybody wants to hurry and announce their new websites to the world it is best practice to take your time on these sites and not just start bookmarking every single page you have on your site in 24 hours. Take your time, this is not a race and most of these social media sites will ban you if you start spamming them left and right.

This will hurt you more in the long run, so take your time and bookmark your pages that you like slowly. Today maybe bookmark 2 pages of your own and 1 page of something else. Next day bookmark some funny or news site and then maybe 2 more of your pages. You should even have days where you do not bookmark at all.

Doing this will help keep your account from being marked as a spammer. For those sites that have social interaction such as Tumblr, it is a good idea to do the social interaction thing. Setup a group, join some groups, comments, get some friends, and etc.

Due to many stupid people that call themselves marketers it is hard to do social interaction these days on many of these sites because of lame spammy software. Many just create accounts and never login them. So be aware of this, for these sites just bookmark your stuff and move on.

For the sites where you actually can find some friends and do the social interactions, do so. It will pay off big in the long run. It is just like a video sharing site, document sharing site, and even a social networking site. The more you interact with others the more you will be noticed, thus the more traffic you will get.

Now obviously bookmarking sites are also used to increase backlinks, but this is where the spammers come in. They assume the site solely exist for them to slap links on it and nothing more. Yes you want backlinks but you do not need to spam to get them. Spend time on sites you can and get your full profile filled out and join in the community.

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