There are many post on this forum on how to create a business and run that business. I have taught many seminars, written many marketing plans, explained keyword research, showed you live examples, and I have shown many of you how to create a business for yourself.

So now the question is what is your business lacking ?

I am not referring to traffic or sales because honestly these are not needs but rather wants. If you fill your business needs then the wants will come.

I encourage you to post below on what it is that you think your business needs. This could be one of the following as an example:

You may need a properly designed website (not a blog)
You may need help with proper keyword research
You may need properly written content
You may need to understand more about marketing
You may need someone to do your marketing for you

In order to have a successful business there are 2 things that you should know about your business.

1. How to define your business
2. Know what your business needs are

So come on guys give me some good post below in details on your business needs.