I recently been having a discussion on another forum about how much help do forums really give to your business growth. The problem here is that this question is actually looked at differently by many different people. Some marketers automatically think that you are talking about forum links, while other marketers assume you are talking about some kind of seo value. The difference in opinion is because of the different mind set that people have because the question is not defined as much as it should be.

Do forums help your business grow ? Well, the simple answer to this simple basic question is - Yes! Keep in mind that this question is not well defined though. If a forum is used for it's intended purpose then it can be very helpful to your business in several ways. You can learn from some of the post on the forum, you can obtain readers and followers through the use of the forum blogs, you can meet like minded people that share a common interest. Some marketers will disagree with what I just posted because of their mind set that perceives the simple question to automatically mean it is about search engine optimization although the question says nothing about seo.

Now if we would take this same question and reword a little to say - Do forums help your business growth for seo ? We now have a completely different question which is more defined because it is asking specifically about seo and not just helping your business grow. I can personally answer this question with a yes also because if you was to post well crafted threads and blog post on the forum centered around proper keywords and semantics then obviously those post will be picked up by the search engine. Because you posted well crafted and keyword rich content that will help your business grow in terms of seo because that content will rank. Some marketers will disagree with the answer I just posted for this question, again due to their mind set and thinking that the questions is talking about forum links or signature links although links are not mentioned in the question.

If we was to take this question and refine it again to say - Do forum signature links help your business grow for seo ? We have now defined our question down to 1 specific point only. The question is specifically asking about signature links that are posted in forums. The answer to this question could be yes and no because it all depends upon the quality content you and that forum provides, it depends upon if a thread was posted just to spam the forum with links, and there are many other factors involved. A fact that no marketer can dispute (although they still try) is that the only one that can say signature links are good or bad for your business is the search engines themselves. We can guess and we can speculate but only the search engines know what weight they put on those links.

As you can see though unless a question is actually defined properly you will get many different answers and different opinions. The growth of your business works in very much the same way, if you are not defining your business then there is no true way to market that business to it's full potential. You must be able to define what you business really is in order for your customers to understand what your business is about. I can say that I am an internet marketer but that is not a fully defined job title. If I was to say that I am an online internet business coach then I am getting into a more defined title of what I do for a living.

So do forums help your business grow ? Read the above, what do you think ?