Quit Bashing The Ego

Quit Bashing The Ego

  1. Dave Kotecki
    Dave Kotecki

    For those of you who wish a deeper understanding of the much maligned and misunderstood EGO, I offer you this...

    Therefore, let us turn our attention to the analysis of this greatly misunderstood subject of the ego. But first let us recognize that the ego is the medium through which Faith and all other states of mind operate.

    Throughout this philosophy great emphasis has been placed upon the distinction between passive Faith and active Faith. The ego is the medium of expression of all action. Therefore we must know something of its nature and possibilities in order that we may make the best use of it. We must learn how to stimulate the ego to action and how to control and guide it to the attainment of definite ends.

    Above all, we must disabuse our minds of the popular error of believing the ego to be only a medium for expression of vanity. The word "ego" is of Latin origin, and it means "I". But it also connotes a driving force which may be organized and made to serve in the medium for translating desire into Faith, through action.

    Did I find a book to prove my point?
    Was I searching for someone to back me up?
    A foregone conclusion that I finally found someone to agree with?


    This comes from a Hero of most of those bashing their selves, or their egos.
    Those uninformed souls who believe that the individual creates this or her circumstances, yet refuse to acknowledge the force that makes it possible.

    And sadly, makes them believe in collective consciousness over the power of the individual.
    Because without ego, we are all simply one.
    The concept that all are more important than one.


    Because most fail to see the contradiction they attempt to live under.

    So in case you're wondering,
    The above was written by none other than Napoleon Hill.
    Yeah, the Think and Grow Rich guy.

    So the next time you want to bash the ego, or your SELF, remember that you're bashing and negating the power that allows you to transform your Desire into Faith-Based Action.

    Which is your only method of creating what you wish for.

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