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The Master Key System

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This is the second installment of our discussion of The Master Key System
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As seekers of knowledge we all appreciate any insights we can gain
from the experiences and observations of others.

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In Jeffery Gitomer's Little Platinum Book Of Cha-Ching!, there's a quote
on the first page that says

"If you want to learn something new, all you
have to do is study something that was written 100 years ago".

I have found this to be true. Of all the books and courses I've
studied over my lifetime, it's the older stuff that holds the most
allure for me.

I've found that most of the newer self-help material is based on
books written 100 years ago. While I believe that the new books
are important and add to a very deep discussion, I find that when
I read the original works by the pioneers of self-development I
get much more out of the material.

I consistently ask myself what makes me qualified to discuss these
subjects. After all, there are many great names and ascended masters
who have already given these gifts. Who am I to question them and
their conclusions?

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