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Custom Built Website And Matching Blog Fully SEO'd

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Christmas and Holiday Deal

Everything You Need To Create, Run and Manage
An Online Business! Nobody Else Would Dare
Or Can Offer This Amazing Deal!

This offer includes a Full and Complete Website that is fully SEO'd for top search engine rankings. This offer also includes a Full and Complete SEO'd wordpress blog that is designed for Top Google Rankings.

Website Design - Professionally built from the groupd up, this is a custom built design and not a wordpress blog. The website to include approx 10 pages that contain all your business info, quality content for rankings, complete opt-in mail list (your own software, no need for any mail service) and contact form.

Blog Install - Professionally installed wordpress blog on your domains sub-domain name (ie: The wordpress blog will match the website and be fully SEO'd for searcg engines.

In addition to award winning design concepts, I further your potential with implementing designs for proper Search Engine Quality. I firmly believe in building a presence for your business online as part of your website design, that is why I integrate all the necessary elements to bring you the best in designing and marketing.

This offer includes:

* Hosting of your website on a dedicated server

* Complete Professional SEO’d Website Built

* Full SEO’d Blog Installed On Sub-Domain* Complete Opt-In Mail List Software Installed

* Full Access To Secret Marketing Forum
* Discover How To Get Top Google Rankings

* Personal Training From 20+ year Marketer
*** Training provided through phone and online

Marketing help from a 20+ year internet marketer that has outranked million dollar companies for their own keywords:

* Building your marketing sales funnel
* Building backlinks that are effective
* Creating high quality content
* Effectively Learn How To Write and Format Content
* Discover how to properly syndicate content for maximum exposure
* Learn how to use keywords, semantics, and related words in your content
* Discover proper cross linking of your content

When it comes to building and designing a website, my philosophy is to build custom website designs that reflect your business. Stand out from the crowd with innovative and eye-appealing design work that truly represents the individuality and personification of your business. There is no company blog or self replicated website that you are given from any mlm or network marketing company that will ever rank in Google. These websites and blogs can't rank due to the fact that they contain no search engine optimization (SEO). Tip

While there may be millions on facebook, a fact is millions will never see your post or ads. Google on the other hand has targeted customers and visitors - Google's search engine found more than 30 trillion unique URLs on the Web, crawls 20 billion sites a day, and processes 100 billion searches every month. Having a properly built custom website that includes SEO is imperative these days for business success. Information

This package will be offered only a limited amount of time so hurry and take advantage of it now. If you need to discuss things before you purchase then you can call me at 724-531-1968 or you can send me a message on facebook

This Is A $10,000 Value Being Offered To You That No Other Company Would Dare Offer. This is your chance to start outranking other affiliates, distributors and competition and start building a real online business.

Take Advantage Right Now Because I Will Not Offer This Long. If You Wait And Come Back Next Week This Offer Will Be Gone!

This entire package is Only $129.00 a month and offers what no MLM or Network Company Can offer!

Please note that you will be returned here after payment and you will receive an email within 24 hours to discuss about your website design.

** content for your website and blog must be provided by you.

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