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Create A Marketing Sales Funnel Online

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Every business owner should know how to create a marketing sales funnel online. It doesn't matter whether your business is a traditional brick and mortar or a complete online business. A system of creating customers online is essential. It's the best way to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

A business with a solid foundation will build what we call a marketing sales funnel. The concept is simple. A marketing sales funnel is a step-by-step system that turns a prospect into a customer. It starts with a very low cost or free offer and leads to the most valuable product or service that you have available.

The front-end offer (or bait) is designed to persuade the prospect to give you their email address. It's something the prospect will find useful. A way to get a better understanding of their challenge and perhaps a few tips on how to overcome it. Maybe a small gift of some kind. Something the prospect will be willing to exchange their email address for.

Getting a visitor's email address is critical. It's how you can continue to communicate with them after they've left your blog or website. That will increase the chances of eventually making a sale. It's also how you'll be able to make them offers in the future that will better serve them.

Why Use Marketing Sales Funnels?

In the early days of marketing online, things were much easier. Practically all a business had to do was throw up a website and pack it with keywords. The website traffic would show up in crowds and buy whatever was for sale. Times have changed a whole lot since then.

Nowadays consumers are far more savvy. The shine of buying online has long since worn off and now it's an everyday thing. Your customers also have access to far more information than has ever been available before. All the information they could ever need is available at the click of a button.

As more and more customers turned to the Internet, new ways of reaching out to and connecting with them had to be developed. If you want to attract someone's attention, you've got to show them that you've got what they're looking for. It all starts with providing them information which will help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge they're facing.

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