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Video Content for Someone

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The trends of content through the internet are like that of cloths and cars. We know tech moves very fast and companies are looking for the next best cash cow digital lottery. With that content usually suffers as the phases make their rounds.

Aside from virtual reality and now those fancy movie theaters that have movement and smell in them. We haven't changed much in our content needs.

If your viewers are like you then you already know what you like and don't like. That said, you just never know to what extent people might want what you're offering.

Example: I wanted too look up how to clean some old electronic gear and found a few short videos. None of these videos really showed a process of cleaning but merely talked about cleaning or nothing at all. So I fired up my camera and documented my process.

There is a group of people who enjoy seeing the nitty gritty long detailed work. It really wasn't any extra work to capture the moment as I was doing it anyway. And it offered me another way to reach people.

Have a camera handy with a tripod and get some up close shots to add a little extra flavor to your content.

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