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How do you create magnetic content?

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How do you create magnetic content?

There are several points that you must follow in order to create content that will be magnetic. Below, I will discuss these points and give examples for you to better understand the concept of magnetic content.

1. Make Your Content Brand Relevant
Properly produced magnetic content must be relevant to your brand or what you are selling. If there's no relevance to your product, there's no magnetism. You want the content to reflect your aspiration and engage with consumers around its promise.

If you owned a coffee shop, then magnetic content could be produced that shows your coffee shop is "Always There For You". The content (video, audio, written articles) could be based upon interactions between 2 people that sit in the coffee shop and have conversations over silly situations that happen in life.

This would create a sensibility towards coffee shops as places where people can come together and talk in a casual environment.

2. Last Over Time
The most magnetic content lives over time, building community around an experience. Think of StarTrek, Final Fantasy (still going with #13), or even CSI Miami. This doesn't mean your content has to be "Episodic". The fact is that if you designed your content to live as a platform you can maximize its impact.

Look at SocialMediaToday, which invites people from around the world to share and discuss about social media through post and photos. SocialMediaToday has set up an inspirational experience around social media that anybody can participate in. The experience evolves over time, bringing people together from around the world to create quality content on social media, which is the very thing that SocialMediaToday aspires to: social media. The brand's promise becomes the story, linking SocialMediaToday's global audience.

3. Extend Across Media
With the Internet, it is easy to extend your content across media in a multi-platform format. This gives your potential customers various ways to engage with your content and/or product. You can easily create articles that can be transformed into video, pdf's, powerpoint presentations and other formats.

Creating this content around characters that tell a story helps keep your possible customers engaged. You could now extend that into creating a Facebook profile that lists each character and their bio. This extension provides a way for people to get more deeply involved in the story by engaging with the characters on Facebook, thus creating a richer experience with your brand or product.

4. Inspire The Consumer
While Magnetic content doesn't have to offer anything inspiring, it would have an enormous effect on your brand or product if done properly. By creating inspiration your possible customers will have a more meaningful and memorable experience with your brand or product.

Not too long ago, I created a story that was relevant to a product that I had. This story was posted in pieces always leaving the reader wanting more and coming back to read the next segment. In the end, the written story inspired others to want to create an audio version and even go as far as creating a short movie.

The impact of inspiration can go a long way for your brand or product. There are many different ways to inspire others, so make sure you take the time to play with this idea and see what inspiration you can create in others.

5. Everyday Experiences
The best ideas are always taken from everyday experiences. Most people relate to meeting friends in a coffee shop; we all have personal experiences with social media; everybody has a story to tell, even if you are not a writer.

Finding ideas that can produce magnetic content only means thinking about how to take your everyday experiences and relate those interestingly to your brand or product.

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