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Video Marketing Fun

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Can I get FREE Leads from Video Marketing?

The day's are gone when the home movie camera looked like the now HD Cinema cameras shooting 4k digital footage. Everyone has some form of camera and now just about every business can use Video to help promote their products and services. In my opinion they should be too.

Here are a few key elements you must have when shooting video for your business.

1. Focus/Intent of the video must be laid out before you ever turn on the camera.

2. Research other videos in your market and find out what you like or don't like about them. Ask your self what questions are being unanswered, what are people looking for?

3. You don't need a 10 thousand dollar production team to beat your competition, even if your competition got one.

Shooting the Video:

1. Use a tripod, absolutely the best thing you can do if your shooting a stationary object or talking to the camera.
2. Your Audio must be clear and not be masked by distracting background noise.
3. Shoot like the eye sees, simple three shot sequences help Long, Medium, Close-up.
4. Get to the point quickly but don't leave out valuable information.

Have fun with video, get help from a friend, and of course mimic good videos you like.

Here is one I shot and voiced for fun because I was watching some Nature BBC documentary.

Equipment and Settings Used:

Camera: Canon HG20:: Settings MXF 1080i Aperture Mode "P" with Manual White Balance and 60i Frames Per Second.
Post Production: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Audio: Adobe Audition CS6, audio captured from a Rode VideoMic Shotgun Microphone attached to an X-grip mount,
--Effects added to audio: Parametric EQ: Cut Fx 100hz and Below -30db, Cut 1kHz -3.2db, Boosted 3-4kHz 3Q by 3db, and Boosted 15kHz 6db,

Rendered from Premiere Pro: H.264 Youtube HD 1080p 29.27 fps. File size 95 megabytes.

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