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Conflicting Ad Copy

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The above Ad showed up in Facebook. Most of the time I just ignore them but not today. What I've noticed over the last 8 years on the Web was these message are always the same. But it's never the same person. In copywriting/advertising if a business gets an ad that works it will use it over and over until the money stops coming in but the funny thing is, the business continues to grow and grow, so they can make new ads to keep up the flow.

I don't know the person in the Ad and I'm going to pretend you don't either and share with you my thoughts as I see these kinds of Ads Pop-up.

1. Who cares how much he made in how much time, first off this guy in the picture is older than 28 days. My guess is if he made 710K US Dollars in 28 days, he has been at it for a long time.

2. Why Why Why, do people who say they make XXX dollars in XX days always want to give away the secret for FREE?! I mean really, did it instantly turn him into a philanthropist?

3. The Ad want's me to see this video NOW, so to me that mean it I clicked on this Ad you better be showing me a VIDEO NOW!


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OOO Nooo, looks like I've been duped. It's not free at all, I must GIVE you something in return for a video. You see, if you lied to me once will you do it again?

Okay this following Ad reads,
NEW IDEA!--New Ideas are worth nothing, ideas alone are worth nothing.
Ideas do not work, they do not drive cars, they do not, pay the bills, give back rubs or anything. Put an Idea no the table in writing and what does it do? Lay there that is all.

This ad say someone made 710K in less than a month or in Feb on leap year, without a website, product, selling or convincing!

More lies, lies, and lies.

Anytime anyone ever gets someone else to agree with them no matter what, that is a sale that is selling. When there is a transaction of something for something else, that is a sale/deal/business/trade ect.

The more you understand what sales and business is all about the more you can see through the junk, lies, BS ect. It becomes comical and your day just gets that much better.

Large Cap business make this kind of money in hours, days, weeks ect. You don't ever see them going around selling their secrets do you? No there is a business just for such thing.

Take a moment to read what an Ad is saying and you can see what is really there.

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  1. Ord_Allenbea's Avatar
    Great post Richard! It still amazes me after all these years how many people still fall for these ads. I personally don't need any video to tell me what I already know. Here is the secret to the $710k in 28 days:

    Step #1: Duplicate an ad such as the one above

    Step #2: Create a facebook page with an opt-in form that goes directly to aweber

    Step #3: Run around liking and "friending" everyone in the world on facebook

    Step #4: Post the ad on facebook so you can dup and lie to people

    Step #5: Get 6,000 opt-ins every day for 27 days

    Step #6: Send out a mass email to your new aweber spam list selling some "new secret idea" for $10

    Step #7: Go on vacation because you should be proud of yourself for lying to and ripping off 10,000's of people

    Step #8: Create a new name, new ad, and do it all over again