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Dave Kotecki

Public Flogging On Flakebook

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Lately I've been getting a bit aggravated by certain things going on.

Especially on Flakebook(tm).

In this particular instance I rip an individual whose tactics are hurting instead of helping the people in the group.

I did not post this because, like Abraham Lincoln, I put things off until I cool down.

Usually i just forget about it.

In this case, I'll share it with you, my loyal subscribers...

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Here's the post...

Hey now... we're all slowing down. Understandable...
Let's pick up our game a bit... got any accountability tips below on getting help creating content for our businesses?
Post your blog below.
Comment on others.
Any ideas of something new? Let us know...

And here's my scathing reply...

Here are a couple of ideas for you...

1. Don't disappear for a week and expect anyone else to do anything different

2. "We" don't have to pick up our game. You do.

3. Post blog below? Where's yours? Lead by example.

4. Ideas for something new? You've got to be kidding.

Every day for several weeks Brenda Fontaine (aka Rockit) has been adding a new idea for blog posts and sharing in this group.

But you don't engage with any of them.

Others have noticed and started to post and share.
But where are you?

Off on a trip to an event which is obviously far more important than assisting those who would like to learn something from this group.

I'll just mention the content hijacking.
Yes, there are some who would recognize it for what it is.

This group does not live up to the ideals which it aspires to.

As a "leader" of the group you should take this personally and step up and take responsibility for it.

Your self-serving attitude and lack of leadership are why this group is a place for self-promotion rather than a thriving, helpful community.

************************************************** ***************

Folks, if you're gonna play like you're a "leader" of some sort, at least make an attempt to act like one.

If you're in the business of self-promotion - with no desire or intention to actually serve the people you intend to extract money from - eventually you'll be found out and you'll just look like a loser.

Keeping your online reputation intact is up to you.

Providing you the know-how to market your affiliate products online is on us.

Get details here

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  1. Ord_Allenbea's Avatar
    Excellent!! You are correct Dave! I recently was banned from a facefart group for almost the same thing. I guess the admin could not handle the truth, go figure!
  2. Dave Kotecki's Avatar
    It keeps on going.
    Nothing has changed except the number of groups.
    Even though a FB group does nothing to help promote your business, goo-rues and sheep still flock to them.

    If you want to make your marketing count, participate in forums like this one.
    Heck, you can even get a blog with your membership, along with some killer marketing know-how from a couple of veterans online.
    Here you'll get more good conversation and less virtue-signaling and BS.

    If you're not registered yet, come on in!
    Always room for another future success story