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Don't Make Me Unfriend You

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Do you ever get hit up by someone who wants to be your friend on Flakebook?

You know what I'm talkin' about. Those wannabe marketers who claim they “love to connect” with “like-minded people”?

At first it's funny.

Then it gets a it annoying.

Rockit calls them “Clowns In Traing” or CIT's for short.

You see, every week or so here comes another one. And they're always singing the same ol' song.

Right after the friend request is accepted, they start in with the questions.

“What are you currently having trouble with in your business” and “What are your goals”.

Stuff like that.

Here's the thing.

Rockit is a blogger. She blogs 3 or 4 different blogs with different topics every day.

She knows quite a bit about marketing and she's getting better every week with video.

On Flakebook, she has a combined total of over 10k fans on 3 different pages.

And she's also friends with a few top marketing professionals. I'm talkin' the big leagues.

Of course, I'm associated with those folks too and I'm her partner so I contribute to the marketing strategies and some of the cool articles and videos.

But Rockit is the creative engine behind Rockit n Rebel.

What's my point?

The point is, if someone took a minute to find out anything about her, they'd realize that they'd make much more hay by asking for her advice instead of offering her some of theirs.

And now the finale…

Are you interested in learning how to market online?

I mean the way you'll demonstrate you know what
you're talking about?

And deliver it to makes sales?

Here's where you get started

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