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Thou Shalt Not Post Crap

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In a world where "content" is King, posting crap will ruin you faster than putting sauce on a steak.

Tonight I decided to brew a nice cup of tea. I like to do that because there are some tasty herbal concoctions that are soothing to the soul.

They can help you sleep better too.

I was looking forward to this particular cup of tea because I haven't had a cup in quite a while.

And then I opened the can...

The first thing I noticed was that the tea bag was much smaller than they used to be. Smelled the same (which is pretty good). But it was clearly a smaller bag.

So I heated up some water and commenced to brewing.

Wait a tick... I'm actually brewing it right now, so the jury is out on the final product.

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Ok, I'm back. Bad news...

It's exactly as I feared.

Weak *** tea. The only thing worse than weak *** tea is weak *** coffee.

As Snoopy might say..."Bleah"

This is a lot like the "content" that is offered by "marketers" for us to "consume" lately. Weak *** blog posts, videos, audios, etc.

Oh, there's no end to the stuff they put out.

The problem is that most of it's crap. Even worse, it's not put out by newbies. Some of it is offered by those who should know better. In fact, they probably do know better. They just do it anyway.

So why am I ranting about this at 03:49 in the AM?

Because I'm sick to death of getting crap.

Raise the freakin' price if you have to, but don't put out a crappy product!

I don't mind paying a bit extra for the good stuff, and I'm sure most other people wouldn't mind it either.

In any case, those that don't want to pay for premium stuff probably wouldn't like me anyway.

A freebie seeker I am not.

So when you're putting something out, remember this… Your name is on it.

That means your reputation is riding on everything you post.

Post accordingly.

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