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  • Article Marketing Guide to Internet Article Marketing

    "What would your results look like if you had access to exclusive article marketing tools ? What if you could do all your marketing from one website"

    that includes keyword research, competition research, backlinks building, article submission, and even syndication ? Well, what are you waiting for because such a site does exist.

    OK, hands up all those who have been told that you can make $1000 a day just by writing articles online? How many of you have paid over your hard earned cash buying article marketing guide after article marketing guide and are still struggling?

    Internet article marketing is a tough business, especially for those new to the scene. Writing articles online is seen as an easy option simply because article submission is so easy and there are no barriers to entry or are there?

    Now I know that the internet is not your English Literature classroom and that there is no professor looking over your shoulder judging your work, but to do internet article marketing you do have to be able to connect with your audience and write to a certain standard. Despite what you have been told, article writing online takes far more hard work and ability than many people who write article marketing guide products would have you believe.

    The key to becoming a successful article marketer is to be able to connect with your reader on a personal level while making it clear to a computer program what your articles are about and what they relate to. This is no mean feat and there are very few writers who can do both successfully.

    When you look around the internet you will see article after article that is written in very simple language that has little substance. Other times you will see articles which are written in English but that just don't make any sense at all. When you click to your site and compare it with sites in the top Search Engine positions what is your first impression of your articles?

    This is a very important question because although there might be no-one monitoring the content that you are putting online, your readers and prospective buyers will not stay on your site if the content that you have written does not grab them.

    So how do you build a successful internet article marketing business around great content?

    The first way is to stop using automated article writing software. There is no way that a computer program can create online content that a human wants to read. Instead either take the time to learn to write articles properly, there are a numbers of great article marketing guide books available or hire a good writer to create your content.

    The second way is to make sure that you follow a proven plan of action which does not include mass article submission of short, low quality articles to hundreds of directories and content farms.

    We have seen with the Panda updates and videos from Matt Cutts of google that the search engines do not want content which has been created for backlinks. They want content which has been created for the reader. So every time that they find content from you which does not match up with their expectations then you must expect to be penalized accordingly.

    I know that this goes against what you have been taught in the past with other article marketing guide books, but remember that the rules are forever changing and what might have worked previously, no longer applies.

    You need to use an internet article marketing system that has been proven time and again, which gives you the power to pick the best keywords, write the best articles and give the Search Engines exactly what they are after, great, relevant, socially validated content for their readers.

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