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  • Single Website Vs Multiple Websites, What Is The Better Strategy

    This is a question that seems to be asked many times on internet marketing forums. Before we get into the answer let's be sure you understand that there is a huge difference between a website and a wordpress blog. These are not the same thing although many try to call a wordpress blog a website. A website is set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain and is usually a custom built website. These pages are built to represent a company, product or service and are usually created with search engine optimization in mind. A Wordpress blog on the other hand is a content management system that is used to make blog post. A website and a wordpress blog are seen differently by search engines and many times are ranked differently.

    Now I am not trying to change your way of thinking, I am just stating fact! I always suggest to clients to get an actual website because you have far more control over your search engine optimization vs a wordpress blog. This does not mean wordpress blogs are useless because they do have their place. To answer the question of what is the better strategy, a single website vs multiple website. First let's make sure that you understand that it is always better to get one business or project going first before going on to the next. Always focus your attention on what you are currently doing and make sure it produces results because trying to focus on 3 or 4 different projects as once becomes very complex.

    Multiple streams of income is always a good thing in any business but first you must perfect your first stream of income. This is accomplished by utilizing a proven marketing strategy that has worked for many years. This strategy requires an actual website and a wordpress blog both. To begin with you are going to start with an actual website. Either you build a site or hire a professional designer to build one for you. This website needs to include at least 10 pages that will be created with high quality properly written content. The website needs to include complete on-site seo that is properly done and pages must cross link with each other for a stronger search engine rank.

    The website will include all important information about your business or services that you offer. Contact forms, phone numbers, locations and even opt-in forms for a newsletter are all very important aspects of a properly built website. Once you have the website up and running live then you need to go a step further and complete this proven marketing strategy by installing on a sub-domain name a wordpress blog. This wordpress blog should closely match the design of the website and needs to be fully seo'd properly. I highly suggest hiring a professional to do this because it will save you not only time but a great deal of money in the long run. If your wordpress blog is not setup properly from day one then it will cost you search engine rankings which will cost you customers.

    The entire idea of the wordpress blog on a sub-domain name is to help feed link juice to the main website. This is done by creating blog post that are fully SEO'd and targeting your main sites keywords and keyphrases. Posting content on the blog and pointing to the main site will help increase the effectiveness of your main site and thus help raise the rankings of the main site. This strategy works simply because the wordpress blog on a sub-domain name is seen as a different domain according to the search engines. Thus why we call these wordpress blogs feeder sites.

    Done properly this is a very powerful strategy that will help you gain rankings in Google and start driving visitors to your website. Interested in putting this strategy to work for you? Follow the link below and discover how this marketing strategy can be done for you and you can start building a business online.

    This offer includes a Full and Complete Website that is fully SEO'd for top search engine rankings. This offer also includes a Full and Complete SEO'd wordpress blog that is designed for Top Google Rankings.

    Custom Built Website and Matching Blog

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    1. Dave Kotecki's Avatar
      Dave Kotecki -
      This is the exact same strategy I'm using to promote my main site with my attached blog. I'm very happy with the look and feel of my site and I'm now working on setting up the proper syndication processes to get lots of visitors to my custom designed pages.
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