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  • Search Engine Optimization For 2016

    Search engine optimization basically boils down to optimizing for search engine rankings and more importantly Google rankings. Optimization for search engines fall under internet marketing which is the ability to market your business, market your website and or market your products / services on the Internet. As with internet marketing there are many myths when it comes to SEO and these myths carry over year after year because many fail to test things. While we are going into 2016 many marketers are asking on forums, what is new for SEO in 2016.

    The fact is search engine optmization has not changed at all in years. The same exact proper SEO tactics that worked 10 years ago still work today. Nothing new or nothing changed. Many assume things change because a self proclaimed marketing guru will come up with what they call a new tactic. In realty this new tactic is just another way to try and manipulate the search engines for rankings. Usually these tactics are short lived because search engines such as Google creates updates to fight against these manipulation tactics. Then many get smacked by Google and rankings fall and they run around looking for new tactics created that will manipulate the search engine results.

    If many would just follow proper SEO from the beginning they would not need to change their tactics or strategies. Proper SEO has been the same for years and even Google itself has on their own webmaster blog what they want. Follow these Google guidelines will give you top search engine rankings without the need to try any blackhat SEO or manipulation strategies. Search engine optimization strategies are no secret and have been posted on many websites and blog over the year. While many of these strategies are false, myths and just plain theories - you must be willing to test things to see how they work for you.

    Basic Search Engine Optimization

    Basic SEO has always been the same. Below are the basic On-Site SEO tactics that you need in order to obtain top search engine rankings.

    * Create a title tag for each of your pages
    * Create meta description for each of your pages
    * Create meta keywords for each of your pages
    * Make use of headings such as H1, H2, H3
    * Add the title tag to all links and images
    * Add the alt tag to all images
    * Create high quality content that includes keywords
    * Create proper cross links within your website or blog
    * Make sure your blog or website is easy to users to navigate and use

    Honestly that is all there is to proper On-Site Seo. Even with those strategies above you should still always test things and understand that keyword research done properly plays an important role of On-Site Search Engine Optimization.

    Not every has the skills or the time to do proper SEO and this is why you either make the time the learn or hire an expert (a real expert) to do the search engine optimization for your website or blog. If you have wordpress then installing a few plugins that claim to do SEO is not going to work. There is no plugin or theme that can fully SEO a wordpress blog. You must edit the theme and out in the time to create proper On-Site SEO or hire someone to do it for you.

    Search Engine Optimization for 2016 will remain the same as it has for years. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise just because some Guru wants to sell a new shiny object to you. Start discovering proper marketing strategies by joining the forum and get an education for your business.
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    1. Dave Kotecki's Avatar
      Dave Kotecki -
      This is an excellent article on Search Engine Optimization. We make sure that every piece of content we create whether it's a blog post, article or video has the proper SEO.

      If your content doesn't have the proper SEO techniques integrated into the page it's on, there's little chance it will be seen by your target audience.

      This is one of the many killer tactics I've learned by being a member of the Internet Marketing Strategy Guide And Secret Forum here on Marketers Domination.
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