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    It's No Secret

    If you've spent anytime reading the forum threads here you would have learned how to get good links and increase your search engine rankings through correct content marketing. Also it's no secret you're in major competition for top rankings that are worth your time to reach. I'm a huge fan of pay per click for those who need to make a sale within 30 days. But I'm also a fan of lifetime quality content search engines will use today and in the future to decide if your page is worthy of the top 10.

    Although we are no longer battling for just the Top 10 spots in a search ranking. People are getting smarter and the systems used to organize and recall information are becoming easier for people to use. Advanced searches know precisely how to filter out junk content and just show with acute accuracy the content they desire.

    The Case Study

    I am building a site around one of my hobbies, playing the guitar. Yup another guitar playing site that is just what the internet needs. My thoughts exactly so I decided to give it a theme with supporting content and related content. The main theme is "Mastering the Notes on the Fretboard". Which is a problem may hobby guitar players like myself struggle with. So while I build content for the site with the goal of providing quality tips and training methods I use daily to help battle this problem I am focused on the underlying technologies for getting organic search rankings. I don't need to send paid traffic to the site right now because there isn't a product to sell.

    The Snapshot
    Attachment 57
    Now we have a benchmark on how the site looks to the Google Beast we can see what happens when we use the training and tools found right here from If you're not yet a member or not use the tools what are you waiting for?

    Next look will be in 30 days. Subscribe if you'd like to stay connected.
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