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  • Facebook Hack- My Notes-Flyers

    How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Notes Space
    I was sitting around the other day thinking, Facebook Notes is pretty much a waste of space but there has to be a cool way to use it.
    The cool thing about Facebook Notes is it allows you to use pictures to help tell your story. So I thought-how big of a single picture could I import into Facebook notes?
    The answer is 492 x 700px.

    Next, I fired up Photoshop and started making a flyer like some kind of print design. It look betters then just some plain text.
    Attachment 41
    (click on the image to see it full size)It was just a test but it got me thinking about another way to use the tools we already have to add in some extra promotion. As you can see you have all that space to do what ever you want with.

    Keep a sharp eye out for stuff that comes in the physical mail-box that will help you with design ideas.

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