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  • Organizing Your Bits and Bytes

    Digital Organization

    As an entrepreneur you hold many responsibilites to your self and those you do business with. Now how can we as business owners who also play the many other roles like; janitor, employee, repair person, and of course office administration better run our organization or in most cases disorganization.

    3 Ways to Clean Up Digital Disorganization

    Clear your schedule of meetings, presentations, and other "work" for at least a few hours this week to take care of the "I will get to it later" check list.

    1. Email: No matter which email program you use there is a way to keep it organized.

    Go through and learn a little bit about the email program you are using and the features it offers.

    Setup Folders, Filters, Signature Blocks, are you still on vacation?

    2. Desktop:
    Your desktop should not look like your desktop if you know what I am saying. Create folders and directories to organize files.
    • Dates
    • Category Names
    • Topics

    Good computer file organization will help with faster back-ups and recovery.

    3. PASSWORDS: If you got amnesia how would anyone be able to assit you with access stuff you need online? A password contingency plan is a must! Even for your self for when you forget all those accounts you have with different passwords.

    There are secure programs like KeePass to assist you with account and password organization. These program allow you to organize and securly encrtypt your password data in one place. You can save it to an external device and lock it up in your safe.

    build a list of places you use and creating some kind of nmenomic system will also help you remember all those passwords.

    There are many ways you can get organized and stay organized but it starts with clearning your schedule. Being organized seems to help with my memory. I can recall where items are faster and even guide someone else to locating those items when need be. It also seems to help your brain better organize your thoughts as well. I find I can remember faces and peoples names much easier when I stick to a good digital organization plan.
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