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  • Marketers Domination Upgrades Internet Marketing Forum

    Marketers Domination Forum has upgraded to vbulletin forum and has a host of new features for our members. Members can now enjoy their own blogs, groups and albums along with many new features. There are some settings current members will need to correct or change.

    Regular members will not have access to certain functions. To become a full member please read this thread - Regular Member Restrictions And How To Become A Full Member

    MD Members and Secret Forum members will need to update their profiles and do some correction. At the top of the forum you will see a "settings" link that you will need to click on and then click on edit profile.

    In your profile you will need to correct your birth-date and add your social media accounts along with your bio. After you have corrected these go back to settings and click on edit signatures, you will need to correct your signatures.

    Browse around and get used to the new forum and all the functions. You can even now customize your profile with colors, so be sure to check everything out.

    If you find any broken links please be sure to send me a PM and let me know where the broken link is located.

    Enjoy the new forum and hope to see you creating your new blog and getting involved with the forum more.
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