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  • Marketers Domination Releases Powerful Article Marketing Tools

    Marketers Domination in an effort to help article marketers stay ahead of the competition has released very powerful and exclusive article marketing tools for niche keyword research, social posting, article grading, distribution to private networks and more. is a new online marketing tools website that focuses on bringing it's members exclusive online tools to an ever changing and growing internet marketing industry. Being on the front lines keeps abreast of the latest search engine changes so it can incorporate and implement an exclusive suite of tools that can help authors and content writers grow their business.

    Bringing brand new technology with an exclusive suite of article marketing tools has set apart from other services. The content scanner is only article tool in existence that grades your content using the the Flesch-Kincaid test for readability, analyzes your keyword density, shows you all stop words, and helps you improve your overall writing abilities. The language analyzer is an exclusive online software tool that helps you identify the correct synonyms, acronyms, and other related words that you should apply to your content.

    In an effort to help content writers and authors create and distribute higher quality content has developed these exclusive article marketing tools. Our main goal is to help writers provide better content to the search engines while helping them expand and increase their business.

    One common method is article marketing is the mass submission of articles to article directories. Marketers Domination has implemented a vast network of private websites for members to do their distribution of their articles. The benefits of this network is that all sites are ad free and built with search engine optimization for enhanced rankings in the search engines.

    Other software tools such as niche keyword research, social posting, comment posting gives even greater benefits to the members. With a wide range of exclusive online marketing tools members will be able to do all their article marketing from one website.