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  1. Fired?

    So the Thug comes back to The Vault today with a story to tell .

    Seems she was hauled into her supervisorís office for not ďmeeting expected standards."

    Specifically, she didnít obtain the required percentage of email addresses from customers as they completed the purchase of their items.

    Now Iím not sure about this, but it may be that the store in question means to use the email addresses of the customers in order to market to them.
  2. Do This And Win

    ďI just donít see how you can make any money just by blogging."

    ďYou canít make money blogging. You make money by selling stuff to people who visit your blog."

    The other day I was talking to a business owner friend of mine (the real kind... he owns a trucking company) and that was the topic of conversation.

  3. If you didnít die, please reply...

    If youíre not going to stay in contact, especially AFTER YOUíVE TAKEN MY MONEY, please shut your business down.

    I understand that things happen.

    I know everything doesnít always run smoothly.
    I get it that unforeseen circumstances arise.

    What I donít understand is why most people think itís OK to ignore their customers when something goes sideways.

    Let your customers know that something happened.
    Itís no big deal.

  4. Online Marketing Business Growth

    It happens a little at a time.
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    Just like a tree.

    You plant the seed, cover it up,
    water it and it receives sunshine.

    And it grows.

    It's invisible at first.

    But eventually, you see the results of your efforts.

    A tiny shoot appears, pushing through the ground.

    Over time it gets taller, sprouts branches and leaves.

    Weeks, months and years pass.

  5. Marketing Advice

    Do you believe you can? Do you have confidence in yourself and faith that things will work out in the end?
    Of all the qualities an entrepreneur must have, one of the most important is Faith. The belief that your efforts will produce the desired results.

    Developing belief in yourself and your plans is essential to success.
    Believe you can and you will.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarketWithMobile View Post
    There is no quick fix, easy button or tonic that will give anyone the success they are dreaming about.
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