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  1. Something You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing

    When you're a marketer, there's lots of things you should know.

    Here's one of 'em...

    I heard this one from a top producer a long time ago and I don't recall who said it.

    It goes like this...

    "Amateurs focus on the front end. Pros focus on the back end."

    Translation: If you want to become a pro (meaning marketing for money full-time), you should be more concerned with the lifetime value of a client rather than the money you'll make
  2. Online Marketing, Compounding, and the Thug

    I was talking to the Thug today.

    The Internet Thug (Thug for short) is Rockit’s daughter.

    I told her I would like to talk to her for 15 minutes.

    You see, the Thug is 17 years old, and I have to approach her in a specific way to have the best chance of being heard.

    If all goes well, she may even listen and take action based on what I say.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's like that movie Inception.

    I must
  3. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

    Don't you just love it when something just works?

    I know I do.

    In my offline business, I drive a big truck.

    Long haul, cross the country type stuff.

    It's an awesome gig, I have no boss, and I love it.

    Only thing is, I would get hungry all the time.

    When I'm driving, I drive. All the time. Just sleep and drive till the trip is done.

    As you can imagine, this doesn't leave a whole lotta time for going to the
  4. Groupies Never Become Famous

    A couple of days ago I wrote about an alpaca and his advice for marketers who wanna stand out.

    Along the same line of reasoning, here's a way to gain friends and influence people...

    Rockit, my partner and muse, shares a LOT in groups on Flakebook(tm)

    Marketers of all levels of experience are in these groups.

    And they loooove to ask questions.
    About everything.

    Lots of times they're asking questions that they could easily find
  5. Hidden in Plain Sight

    I see lots of stuff in my travels.

    Many times I witness animals acting in some crazy ways.

    Usually I can spot similarities between what's going on in a field and marketing online.

    The other day I saw a flock of sheep out in a field.

    Then I noticed a larger, darker colored animal in the middle of them.

    The sheep were spread out all over the place, and this guy stood out among them.

    He was much taller, had
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