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  1. templar's love

    today i entered in campaign with my troop name templar. they are so good as troop but when they saw war lock they caught by their magic . not that magic they caught by black magic of love & try to flirt & i become alone . no worrier allow to flirt at fight time . but the good news is they flirt them & then kill for me i become so sad when tey say to me that anything for you to win clemence .
  2. Why i am playing wartune......

    from starting i find lots of players , i don't know anything about this game but i play this game to talk & to know many peoples behaviors as player & also human ...
    ya its right that i become some worst enemy & also fall in love to some one. when ever her name is come as online one smile come on my face , why don't know .
    but i talk too much with her .
    as player i like this game as game for fun not to make wall between players. some time i don't find players for HOH ...