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  1. How Hard is It To Solder Tiny Leads on PCB Without Microscope Micro Soldering

    Broken Flash Drive Connector Without Data Pads

    Getting the wires right takes a bit a patients and a few redo's with the soldering part.

    For this usb flash drive data recovery job the solder station Hakko FX888D worked fine. The tip of iron wasn't the micro tip but the standard tip that comes with the station. I wasn't sure at first but for this one off repair/data grab using that tip did the job.

    Having ...
  2. CX-10 Won't Fly How Come - Blade Setup Micro Drone

    These chineese micro drones are fun but sometimes they won't fly out of the box.

    Setting up the props (blades) correctly is key to get the CX-10 to fly right.

    This video of the CX-10 show correct blade setup and will get you back in the air shortly.

    The pitch of the blades need to face into the body of the craft when looking at the on/off switch. Same goes for if the device is facing you from the front. ...