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  1. Ooo What Should I Write About

    The Creative Juice

    I've come across many posts about "what to blog about" or what kind of "articles" should I write about for my site? More times than not its from people who heard they can make money online by writing blogs, or whatever and soon run out of things to write about.

    You're not alone and I do have let the creative fire go by the way side more than I'd like to admit over the past years of knowing how powerful writing can be. The truth is we do not have to ...
  2. Some of the Things That Leaders Know that You Dont Yet

    Great leaders know that you donít treat everyone equally. In groups led by such leaders youíll see that they donít treat everybody the same way. But they do treat everybody fairly. Leaders know that fairness and sameness are not the same thing.

    Fairness means that people get exactly what they need and have earned based on past performance Ė no more, no less. This means that group members who have stepped up to the plate will be rewarded with more time and attention from their ...
  3. Dead Or Alive Video Game Series

    The dead or alive video game series developed by Team Ninja (published by Tecmo, LTD) has come a long ways. Starting out as a fighting videogame the series became very popular amongst hard core video gamers. In 2003 Team Ninja released Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball which was a complete turnaround from the fighting style games.

    Team Ninja decided to take the hot girls from the Dead or Alive ...
  4. Building Backlinks Is Part Of Marketing

    Building backlinks is a large part of marketing your website and/or business online. Because some get confused when it comes to backlink building, it is important that you don't just follow the crowd.Obtaining dofollow anchor text back links are great and free back links are even better.

    You must be careful though because there are good links and there are bad links. While I know there are a million sites out there pushing do follow link building services, you must be careful with ...
  5. Writing Web Page Content For Quality Rankings

    Web content writing goes beyond just deciding what topics to write about. Your website content, articles, and even blog post must be written with high quality to get the attention of your readers and the search engines. Even if you know your niche you will still need to do research before you start doing any type of content writing.

    You may be thinking I am talking about writing content for SEO purposes and doing keyword research to help your content rank higher in the ...
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