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  1. Hidden in Plain Sight

    I see lots of stuff in my travels.

    Many times I witness animals acting in some crazy ways.

    Usually I can spot similarities between what's going on in a field and marketing online.

    The other day I saw a flock of sheep out in a field.

    Then I noticed a larger, darker colored animal in the middle of them.

    The sheep were spread out all over the place, and this guy stood out among them.

    He was much taller, had
  2. Daring Adventure or a Scary Challenge?

    How long are you willing to pursue a change?

    Come to think of it, why do most people lose the drive to pursue something new?

    Everybody starts out the same way.

    I'm not talking about as a baby, though that's certainly true.

    I'm talking about when one is figuring out what they want to do with their life.

    They're in high school, looking at options.

    Maybe college, the armed forces or even straight into a job.

  3. What's Your Perfect Followup?

    There's lots of ways you can followup and interact with your subscribers.

    The main question is what fits your personality?

    I've made a study of different styles of writing, frequency and all the other things one can study when it comes to email.

    You know what I found out?

    Everything depends on your market.

    Anyone who tells you anything different is probably full of crap.

    Even if you did everything someone else is doing
  4. Beware the Coach Who’s Never Played

    It's been a helluva day at sea, sir.

    Wow, what a day.

    Ever been immersed in tech so deep that everything kinda becomes a hazy, cloudy version of itself?

    That's what I was doing today.

    Moved our site to a new hi-speed server with Ft Knox security.
    Our own IP address on a VPS!
    And a killer theme for our blog.

    It's a beautiful thing.

    And there's no way I would've gotten all that done if it weren't for my friend
  5. Seek Not Wisdom Among Fools

    Having trouble focusing in on your vision?

    This will help...

    Once again I turn my eyes towards Flakebook(tm) where I attempt to guide the seekers of knowledge towards enlightenment...

    Here's a post requesting knowledge:

    What is your vision or purpose for what you're doing now?
    I'm trying to tighten up our brand a bit and this is something I always get stuck on.
    I'm trying to dig real deep here...
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