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  1. Conversations With An Online Marketer #1

    This is the first video I shot for a year of shooting videos every day.

    It's starts out a little weird because I was experimenting with the app.

    This one is about why you shouldn't hate your job.

    Everyone talks about how they want to quit their dead-end job.

    But if you're not a good employee, you probably won't be a good business owner.

    You've got to take pride in your work and do your best.

    And don't forget...
  2. How do you create magnetic content?

    How do you create magnetic content?

    There are several points that you must follow in order to create content that will be magnetic. Below, I will discuss these points and give examples for you to better understand the concept of magnetic content.

    1. Make Your Content Brand Relevant
    Properly produced magnetic content must be relevant to your brand or what you are selling. If there's no relevance to your product, there's no magnetism. You want the content to reflect ...
  3. Video Marketing Fun

    Can I get FREE Leads from Video Marketing?

    The day's are gone when the home movie camera looked like the now HD Cinema cameras shooting 4k digital footage. Everyone has some form of camera and now just about every business can use Video to help promote their products and services. In my opinion they should be too.

    Here are a few key elements you must have when shooting video for your business.

    1. Focus/Intent of the video must be laid out before you ever ...

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