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  1. Acoustic Control Crop ACC 260 261 Function Check

    From the late 60s to the early 70s a company out of Las Angeles, Acoustic Control Crop, produced some powerful guitar amps. One of them is known as "The Doors" amp. ACC 260 head with bottom completed Model ACC 261 which are still around today almost 50 years later. A solid state guitar amp that was made to fill a 10,000 plus of people room with clean or dirty tone from 1-10 on the attenuation knob.

    Here getting ready for a bench test is an ACC 260 Function Test:
  2. How Hard is It To Solder Tiny Leads on PCB Without Microscope Micro Soldering

    Broken Flash Drive Connector Without Data Pads

    Getting the wires right takes a bit a patients and a few redo's with the soldering part.

    For this usb flash drive data recovery job the solder station Hakko FX888D worked fine. The tip of iron wasn't the micro tip but the standard tip that comes with the station. I wasn't sure at first but for this one off repair/data grab using that tip did the job.

    Having ...
  3. Nano Ipod Power Button Repair

    Apple's mass production is no different than any other company. Things get messed up like a simple power button making the nano unable to work. A friend of mine offered a broken one up to see what if it could ever work again.

    With a video online now for just about everything you can think of sometimes they're are a lot of missing parts.

    I noticed with these kinds of repairs many videos only show a short version but ...
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