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  1. Cleaning Rusty Tools with Molasses Water Chelating Agent

    by , Today at 10:15 AM (Video Production - Travel - Autos - and More Lifeblood Marketing Videos)
    Mix up a chelating agent and restore your rusty tools, thanks to a youtuber seejanedrill for the tip.

    When I was a kid I use to use the parts cleaner to clean tools and dirty truck parts in the auto garage. Now we no longer have the parts cleaner and over the years some of the tools got rusty.

    After looking up different ways to clean and remove rust from shop tools I found the molasses method and gave mixture a try.

    What happens after a few weeks is worth ...
    Tags: how-to, jvc, video, youtube
  2. Creepy Swing Set Video B-Roll for Free Stock Movies and Clips

    by , 12-08-2016 at 07:12 AM (Video Production - Travel - Autos - and More Lifeblood Marketing Videos)
    When it comes to good free stock video Youtube isn't really the place to get high quality clips but the site is good for finding the clips you want. Youtube doesn't want anyone to rip videos directly from their servers as stated in their TOS.

    Also their recompression can really make a nice video look bad if used for editing again and again. So what's the point of sharing stock video of a park swing set if no one can use the b-roll? Because you can easily put a link with the video ...
  3. Make a Good French Press Coffee Brew Tip add Kerrygold Butter for Extra Flavor

    by , 12-03-2016 at 08:30 PM (Video Production - Travel - Autos - and More Lifeblood Marketing Videos)
    How to Make a Tasty Coffee with French Press Brewing

    Ingredients and Tools:

    • Single Source Whole Bean Coffee Supply - 30 grams per fresh press brew
    • Unsalted Kerrygold Irish Butter
    • Coffee Grinder - Gird Course
    • 8-30 oz of water or 6.5 oz water for every 7 grams of coffee you want.
    • Hand Blender or Blender to blend the coffee with the butter
    • Electric Coffee (Tea) Kettle for Boiling Water
    • About 12 minutes to make from start to finish

  4. Acoustic Room Treatment Material

    by , 12-02-2016 at 07:54 AM (Video Production - Travel - Autos - and More Lifeblood Marketing Videos)
    Treating a room with Acoustic Roxul Safe and Sound can help reduce middle frequency echos. But controlling bass FZ will cost about 10 thousand dollars. So just buy some cool Beats headphones /joke.

    Working with the Roxul isn't bad but it can get a little messy, also there are report of the material smelling bad if it gets wet. So don't get it wet.

  5. How To Fix a Mini Drone CX-10 or Any Other Quadcopter

    by , 11-30-2016 at 08:20 PM (Video Production - Travel - Autos - and More Lifeblood Marketing Videos)
    With so many quad-copters and mini drones flying around it's a common problem to break after hitting something.

    So once you broke the prop installing them correctly will get you back flying again.

    • Face the mini drone so the drone is flying forward away from you.
    • Install the new mini drone prop so the pitch (how it cuts the air) is facing "in and down" toward the middle of the U-shape of the drone.
    • Do the same for the other side or the front of the
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