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  1. Seek Not Wisdom Among Fools

    Having trouble focusing in on your vision?

    This will help...

    Once again I turn my eyes towards Flakebook(tm) where I attempt to guide the seekers of knowledge towards enlightenment...

    Here's a post requesting knowledge:

    What is your vision or purpose for what you're doing now?
    I'm trying to tighten up our brand a bit and this is something I always get stuck on.
    I'm trying to dig real deep here...
  2. Public Flogging On Flakebook

    Lately I've been getting a bit aggravated by certain things going on.

    Especially on Flakebook(tm).

    In this particular instance I rip an individual whose tactics are hurting instead of helping the people in the group.

    I did not post this because, like Abraham Lincoln, I put things off until I cool down.

    Usually i just forget about it.

    In this case, I'll share it with you, my loyal subscribers...

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Are You Walking Your Talk?

    It's a cold, hard, thankless job.

    The truth, I mean.

    Telling it.

    Earning a living running an online business is mostly dull. Except for dancing on the edge of brokenness.
    That's always a little exciting.

    Like suddenly realizing you're on a patch of ice as you're driving.

    Wondering if you'll regain control or go skidding off into a ditch.

    Exciting, but not really fun.

    Being online doesn't make a business
  4. Don't Make Me Unfriend You

    Do you ever get hit up by someone who wants to be your friend on Flakebook?

    You know what I'm talkin' about. Those wannabe marketers who claim they “love to connect” with “like-minded people”?

    At first it's funny.

    Then it gets a it annoying.

    Rockit calls them “Clowns In Traing” or CIT's for short.

    You see, every week or so here comes another one. And they're always singing the same ol' song.

    Right after the
  5. Get Off My Lawn!

    I got this alert from one of the high-dollar print newsletter writers I subscribe to.

    He was talking about a tactic where wannabe gurus who are obviously posturing are telling there subscribers to

    "Get off my

    Now I ask you. Is that polite?

    Why on earth would these jokers tell someone to get off their list?

    Surely everyone that subscribes to their list knows how to

    Heck, an unsubscribe link is practically
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