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  1. Making Super Slow Motion with Twixtor Pro

    RE:Vision Effects like Twixtor Pro are at the top of their game in video slow motion effects.

    For the longest time people who shoot video want to use some kind of super slow motion in the edit. Now with camera phones, and youtube channels like SloMoGuys, it's even more popular.

    But even if you're not shooting a video with super slow motion in mind, editing plug-ins like Twixtor Pro is there to help you out.

    This clip of an arrow being release from a bow shows ...
  2. Time Slips Away TimeLapse Clock

    Sometimes we do things and not give it much thought and it turns out to be a thing people want. A clock spinning around is one of my top videos on a channel of random videos I produce.

    When these things are produced I put them up for the sake of doing it. I noticed it was making some waves and people are searching for something as simple as a time-lapse clock.

    It was recorded live and later edited, maybe that could ...
    Tags: clock, youtube
  3. Change Beats Per Minute BPM in Adobe Audition - Where is BPM

    Where is the Beats Per Minute (BPM) options in Adobe Audition is a common question.

    Finding the tempo controls for the BPM is easly found when you have a new multitrack project open with then 2015 version of Adobe Audition as showin here.

    Finding the Tempo controls in older versions is a few more clicks inside the menu program.

    It's good if your ...
    Tags: adobe, cheese, youtube
  4. Sales and What People Want

    If there was one training course that sold in boat loads pre-DSL speed internet, it was "sales courses" on stuffing envelopes.
    Stuffing envolopes is to SEO courses after 2006.
    One key element about stuffing envelopes which isn't any different for any sales business is the fact people bought because it was what they were after.

    The thing about sales is people buy what they want and sometimes buying is what they want to do. So when I put together an AD to sell anything ...
    Tags: bmw, sales, youtube
  5. Nano Ipod Power Button Repair

    Apple's mass production is no different than any other company. Things get messed up like a simple power button making the nano unable to work. A friend of mine offered a broken one up to see what if it could ever work again.

    With a video online now for just about everything you can think of sometimes they're are a lot of missing parts.

    I noticed with these kinds of repairs many videos only show a short version but ...
    Tags: nano, repair, youtube
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