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  1. Replace Badger 100 Sink Garbage Disposal - Opening Box

    Replace Garbage Disposal Under Your Sinksd
    While going over the appiences in the apartment I live in, I noticed the garbage disposal wasn't working. In my case the unit a Badger 100 model which bolsters a nice 1/3 three quarter horse power motor was rusted and cracked. So after speaking to the owner of the building we aggred that I'd just replace the unit and square up by the weekend.

    Replacing a Garbage disposal isn't hard to do and if I recall there are a few grandmas who have ...
  2. How Easy is it to Get Around In Paris France

    If you're heading to Paris France for any kind of travels and you're new to the city of love you'll be quickly humbled. Traveling around is the city is very simple and they've made it that way for a reason. Speak only a little French and you'll also find people are must more willing to help.

    Having only lived a few hours down the road from the city my friends always wanted to go there. And that's great because there is always something new to see and learn in an old city like Paris ...
    Video Production
  3. Rhine Moselle and Kyll River and Streams in Germany [Videos]

    Travel Videos from Locations Around Germany

    In the woods near a small village a stream flows and the birds sing. The water way is one of the many feeders flowing into the Moselle river which cuts through a historic city. The Moselle River starts in the city of Koblenz. The stream feeding the Moselle is named is the Kyll.

    White Noise or Background Noise to Help Sleeping of the river flowing.

    The Kyll Runs ...
  4. What's in my Gear Bag for Video and Audio Recording

    Video and Audio Equipment Overlook and Gear Bag Breakdown

    Background Info:

    I've been recording videos of stuff for over 25 years and mostly stuck to home comsumer video equipment. I would later learn it runs in the family as I've recently been given some footage from my grandfather's home recordings. From Sony Handycameras to big JVC VCR (video casset recorder) styles I've used a bunch of them.

    From (2010)-until now, I've been shooting video professionally. That ...
    Video Production
  5. Stabilize Hyperlapse Photoshoot with Adobe Premiere

    Shooting A Hyperlapse Video Handheld

    The concept is very simple but the execution of a smooth hyperlapse video does not come easy.

    One of my favorite examples of a really cool hyperlapse with a zoom is in the intro to the movie Limitless. Which isa bit of a slow-motion, hyperlapse, fractal zoom all wrapped up in a big budget production.

    In my case I have zero shooting budget but like to try out the shooting styles and get the best results I can. So for the
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