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  1. The glidecam smooth shooter.

    It's always fun to get some new toys to add into the shooting spectrum. Of course with that it takes time to learn how to use them correctly. One tool in video is the steadycam which has been around for a few decades. And recently becoming "affordable" to the home user is the glidecam.

    Using the Glidecam Smooth Shooter for the first time. It's a nice tool to master.

    If you want some tips or ideas on adding video ...
  2. Creative Imagination And Thinking Different

    I have read many forum post recently on other internet marketing forums. These threads contain many post that claim marketing or internet marketing has changed drastically or is constantly changing. This is is not exactly true because the fact is many marketing strategies that have been applied 10 years ago still work till this very day. Yes things do change and we must learn to adapt to those changes but the methods of marketing has always remained the same.

    We must use our creative ...
  3. Video Editing and Box Openings for Product Reviews

    When it comes to products and ordering thing from the internet. People seem to love to see box opening videos, these videos literately just show someone opening the box. So if you want to bring some more viewers to your channel. Perhaps a few box openings to add a different element for aiding people to find your site. Here is one I created for a piece of gear I picked up for recording voice overs and my guitar tracks.

    The Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
  4. Speeding Up Time-Lapse Shooting

    Have Some Fun Speed Up Your Videos

    Creating a time-lapse effect with your videos isn't to hard. If have manual controls on your camera you can cool time-lapse effects by setting a low frame rate and later speed up your videos.

    Here are a few examples I shot with a Canon Vixia HG20 Handycam.

    Location: Powder Mountain Utah
    Camera: Apitek 720p
    Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    Moon Drifting Over the ...
  5. Video Editing and Your Site

    Adding a Little Extra

    It's still amazes me at how far the use of bandwidth has come. The people behind such technologies will never been known on a massive scale; for instance if you ask a group of 5th graders what the internet is they would most likely say "Google". I fist dial-up to the internet in the summer of 1995 at that time I had no idea what it really was or what it was about, yahoo & altavista were the dominating force force for search but BBC boards still ruled for the ...

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