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  1. Nano Ipod Power Button Repair

    Apple's mass production is no different than any other company. Things get messed up like a simple power button making the nano unable to work. A friend of mine offered a broken one up to see what if it could ever work again.

    With a video online now for just about everything you can think of sometimes they're are a lot of missing parts.

    I noticed with these kinds of repairs many videos only show a short version but ...
    Tags: nano, repair, youtube
  2. Remove Vibration from video x5c-1 Syma Quad Drone

    The main problem with the Syma x5c-1 quadcopter or drone is the blades are not balanced.

    If your video looks unstable and it won't be completely stable but not as you've seen others have you'll want to balance the blades.

    You'll need a fully charged battery and someclear scotch tape.

    When you balance the blades of the syma x5c-1 you'll do so one at a time. You can hear and feel when the blade is balanced. ...
  3. CX-10 Won't Fly How Come - Blade Setup Micro Drone

    These chineese micro drones are fun but sometimes they won't fly out of the box.

    Setting up the props (blades) correctly is key to get the CX-10 to fly right.

    This video of the CX-10 show correct blade setup and will get you back in the air shortly.

    The pitch of the blades need to face into the body of the craft when looking at the on/off switch. Same goes for if the device is facing you from the front. ...
  4. Creative Commons and Video Search Platforms

    When it comes to video sites, youtube takes the cake for one reason. It's owned by the big G. And they know how to do one thing better than everyone else. Sort data. I've come to believe there is now a video for everything you ever want to know about on youtube, and many things you don't. I've been dripping videos onto a few channels over the years and it's intresting to see what people are looking for.

    A clock spinning around and around is racking up the hits.

    Just ...
  5. Online Marketing Business Growth

    It happens a little at a time.
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    Just like a tree.

    You plant the seed, cover it up,
    water it and it receives sunshine.

    And it grows.

    It's invisible at first.

    But eventually, you see the results of your efforts.

    A tiny shoot appears, pushing through the ground.

    Over time it gets taller, sprouts branches and leaves.

    Weeks, months and years pass.

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