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  1. Thou Shalt Not Post Crap

    In a world where "content" is King, posting crap will ruin you faster than putting sauce on a steak.

    Tonight I decided to brew a nice cup of tea. I like to do that because there are some tasty herbal concoctions that are soothing to the soul.

    They can help you sleep better too.

    I was looking forward to this particular cup of tea because I haven't had a cup in quite a while.

    And then I opened the can...

    The first thing I noticed was
  2. Love ain't all you need

    Here's a post (and my reply) on Flakebook (tm)

    The Post:

    A few months ago I made a list of so-called "Influencers" on social media and decided to check them out.

    I was astonished how many of them are "Influencing" while still working real jobs. Now I'm not hating on real jobs, but if you have millions of followers on social media and you're still punching into a time clock, my guess is...

    A) You really love your manager at Hot Topic
  3. Frank The Pointer Sheep

    I saw him practicing out in the field.

    I happened to be driving past this flock of sheep the other day. Most of the sheep were in a large group.

    Except for this one particular sheep.

    He was standing off by himself, facing the empty field. And he looked just like a pointer.

    You know, those dogs that point towards where the game is on a hunting trip?

    Anyway, my mind came up with a conversation going on between the pointer sheep ...
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  4. Volume or Personality?

    Quote Originally Posted by MarketWithMobile View Post
    Continuing the discussion on how to market your business online.

    How to make the most of your traffic when you're building your business as a celebrity.

  5. Are You The Agent Or The Celebrity?

    Quote Originally Posted by MarketWithMobile View Post
    There are 2 ways to promote an affiliate offer online.

    1. Drive loads of traffic to different affiliate offers

    2. Become a celebrity and brand yourself

    Deciding which method you'll focus on is critical to your business planning.

    Are you the Agent or the Celebrity? from Rockit n Rebel on Vimeo.
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