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  1. Video Editing and Your Site

    Adding a Little Extra

    It's still amazes me at how far the use of bandwidth has come. The people behind such technologies will never been known on a massive scale; for instance if you ask a group of 5th graders what the internet is they would most likely say "Google". I fist dial-up to the internet in the summer of 1995 at that time I had no idea what it really was or what it was about, yahoo & altavista were the dominating force force for search but BBC boards still ruled for the ...

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  2. Link Building Case Study

    It's No Secret

    If you've spent anytime reading the forum threads here you would have learned how to get good links and increase your search engine rankings through correct content marketing. Also it's no secret you're in major competition for top rankings that are worth your time to reach. I'm a huge fan of pay per click for those who need to make a sale within 30 days. But I'm also a fan of lifetime quality content search engines will use today and in the future to decide if your ...
    Case Study
  3. Video Marketing Fun

    Can I get FREE Leads from Video Marketing?

    The day's are gone when the home movie camera looked like the now HD Cinema cameras shooting 4k digital footage. Everyone has some form of camera and now just about every business can use Video to help promote their products and services. In my opinion they should be too.

    Here are a few key elements you must have when shooting video for your business.

    1. Focus/Intent of the video must be laid out before you ever ...

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  4. Conflicting Ad Copy

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    The above Ad showed up in Facebook. Most of the time I just ignore them but not today. What I've noticed over the last 8 years on the Web was these message are always the same. But it's never the same person. In copywriting/advertising if a business gets an ad that works it will use it over and over until the money stops coming in but the funny thing is, the business continues to grow and grow, so they can make new ads to keep up the flow.

    I don't
  5. templar's love

    today i entered in campaign with my troop name templar. they are so good as troop but when they saw war lock they caught by their magic . not that magic they caught by black magic of love & try to flirt & i become alone . no worrier allow to flirt at fight time . but the good news is they flirt them & then kill for me i become so sad when tey say to me that anything for you to win clemence .
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