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  1. Stabilize Hyperlapse Photoshoot with Adobe Premiere

    Shooting A Hyperlapse Video Handheld

    The concept is very simple but the execution of a smooth hyperlapse video does not come easy.

    One of my favorite examples of a really cool hyperlapse with a zoom is in the intro to the movie Limitless. Which isa bit of a slow-motion, hyperlapse, fractal zoom all wrapped up in a big budget production.

    In my case I have zero shooting budget but like to try out the shooting styles and get the best results I can. So for the
  2. Miss Ambassador Model Competition |

    Quote Originally Posted by Ord_Allenbea View Post
    Miss Ambassador Model Competition |

    Ambassador Model magazine is seeking the best brand ambassadors and spokes-models to grace the pages of our upcoming Beautiful Brand Ambassador feature. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, we want to see you on the pages of our premier model magazine.

    Join us to represent Ambassador Model take an all expense paid trip
  3. Here We Go

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Model - Lillie Nyx
    Location- Arkansas
    Alternative ink Model, Published, Promo model and Actress. for more info as well as
    IG- Lillie_Nyx
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or request for booking and rates @
  4. Nano Quadcopter CX-10 Won't Fly

    I couldn't let this not fly: How to Fix Nano CX-10 Drone

    This is a china made toy that is a lot of fun to play with but sometimes just doesn't want to fly. The instructions are unclear and I couldn't find great help when looking online.
    So like most item I've complied from the best sources I found and put them together in a clear to see and easy to follow method. Which works well when dealing with things online.

    Most of the time people are expecting things to just ...
    Tags: nano, videos, youtube
  5. Home Video Super Slow Motion with Twixtor Pro

    I started going through my video archives and decided to try some old school slow motion effects.

    Using Twixtor Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 is a breeze, but a while back I had no idea how to use these effects.

    With as much training and content that is on the web now all it takes is a little practice. So with a video clip on the timeline I applied the effect and boom...nothing happened. Well nothing that I wanted to happen.

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