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How Can I Make Pay Per Click Profitable

In order to make your PPC efforts or the efforts of those you hire to assit you profitable you must understand what makes your business profitable right now. Pay Per Click can either be or should be your first or last part of your marketing strategy. I'll break it down a bit more with a real world example.

Your company, regardless if you run it by yourself or if its a multimillion dollar a year business with 87 employees, is serving a market. It doesn't matter how geographically spread out your clients or customer are they are still your customers and clients and they only make up a very tiny percent of the people who use access sites and search engines with PPC abilities.

What You Should Be Looking For

Lifetime value of your customers--This number in dollars and cents will be the single most important number you will ever need to figure out to know if your marketing efforts are in the GREEN.

The profit margin of a single sale.

Those two metrics will later be combined with the results of the communication and strategy effort from your PPC Campaigns to give you "real" numbers as to what is working and what isn't.

Real World Example

A client of mine runs a service based business that sells a subscription to a physical product. They serve a small location and the competition is high. They have a fairly low PPC budget, low is anything under 4k a month.

In order for their marketing dollars to be effective based on our research and their past results. We decided to use the combination of "word of mouth" and PPC. Going over the numbers we found promoting the higher profit margin product would be more of a waste in the long run than promoting the lower profit but highly sought after product(with their current budget). Why? Because it brings in more "physical buyers" to their location and in turn people talk and when people talk someone is usally listening and that someone is usually interested or inquisitive about said product. They are still paying customers and making up for the budget spent.

For a while they were running more of the budget for the higher profit margin service but would only get a few customers but not enough to stay in the green over a period of time.

Know Thy Metrics

Pay Per Click marketing is a combination of number crunching and creativity. If your PPC Manager isn't hounding you for numbers--fire them! If you won't or don't give them any than the results can hardly be measured.

You can run a profitable PPC campaign if you know your metrics and know your customers.

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Keyword Research

Using various keyword tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner, which you'll need an AdWords account to access, or SEMrush you can find what keywords are presently being used. In this case, we're looking at people who are interested in buying widgets: specifically blue, red and green widgets. The key is to focus on profitable keywords; not every keyword or phrase available. Just the profitable ones.

Build your pay per click campaigns

Set up your pay per click account, then build campaigns. I like setting up campaigns in narrow geo-targeted groups, and then build as many ad groups as needed that are targeted to specific keyword themes. In this case, blue widgets, red widgets and green widgets for each geo-targeted group that I am selling too. Allocate your budget to the most profitable keywords. And target the right locations.

Landing Pages

Build a series of landing pages that address the various ad groups in your campaign. In this case I would have at least three landing pages; one each for blue widgets, red widgets, and green widgets. The better quality each landing page is often the lower my paid bids need to be in AdWords. Google refers to this a Quality Score. You improve your quality score by building landing pages that are specifically customized to the keywords for each campaign that lands on that page.

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PPC is not rocket science. Some believe that PPC is only for data geeks. Itís not. So why do so many businesses get PPC so wrong? Itís usually because they either donít understand the basics of PPC and theyíve thrown up a campaign in double quick time in order to boost their lead volume or sales. Follow these steps to turn your PPC campaigns around:

1: Figure Out Your PrioritiesStep
2: Track Your SalesStep
3: Get Your Website Sorted OutStep
4: Get More Negative KeywordsStep
5: Restructure Your AdGroups For Laser-Targeted AdsStep
6: Rewrite Your AdsStep
7: Do Some MathsStep
8: Avoid RemarketingStep
9: Dig Into Your Campaign SettingsStep
10: Look At Alternatives To Adwords