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06-21-2013, 07:23 AM
Buy This and Make Money No Selling Required
-Just Send Traffic Here somewebpage.com

If you've seen ads like that with those headlines saying you don't have to sell anything and you can make a return on your investment, KEEP WALKING. (Clicking, in the other direction)

I see these ads all the time on PAID Advertising platforms, and again it's a direct contradiction to the overall message.

Everything is Selling in Pay Per Click: Let's take a look:

Facebook Display Ads=Interruption Selling (people are there for facebook and you paid to get their attention)
Bing/Yahoo/Google PPC= Present moment need/want, competing for attention from other businesses to get the click.
Solo Ads/Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads...

If you see an Ad saying no Selling required, it's a direct lie and you must run for the hills, unless you like getting taken for a fool. Business is selling and selling is a skill, knowing your clients/customers will let you use these tools to there full advantage.

There are no Free Lunches and to get great results you must be consistent in your methods of running your business advertising.

06-28-2013, 04:33 PM
Well said Richard! Amazing how many still fall for that "no selling, no website, no product" type of ads. If this was true we all would be sitting on the beach with funny little umbrellas in our drinks. The beaches would be so full someone would have to create and sell more beach property.

Honestly people use your heads, the ad is trying to "sell" you something which in turn the ad poster makes money on. The ad poster makes this money by selling to you!